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Real Travel: The Difference Between Traveling And Going On Holiday

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Real Travel: The Difference Between Traveling And Going On Holiday

Now, more than ever, we travel. We pack our suitcases, make sure we haven’t forgotten the sunscreen, stick our passport in our back pocket and head for the door. But so often we take our own little world with us. Working all year round for those precious couple of weeks in the sun, we barely leave the poolside at the hotel where a scrambled egg breakfast is a must and all the other guests speak with the same “normal” accent as we do. What, I ask you, is the point of crossing continents to live life exactly as we do at home?

So what does it mean to really travel? What is the difference between going on holiday and traveling? More than anything it comes down to your state of mind and the reasons you are going in the first place. To travel is to experience, and to have new experiences you must be open to them, invite them. Sometimes this can be difficult, frightening even, as it means stepping out of your comfort zone. It means awkward moments, strange places, strange food and customs and ways of life that seem odd, and often the complete opposite of your own belief system. But isn’t that what makes the world interesting?

So why do it? What is the reward for making all this effort? Why do people go out of their way to travel to strange, hot, dusty, freezing or rainy places to taste odd delicacies made from parts of animals they’ve never heard of, put themselves in uncomfortable, sometimes even dangerous, situations, dealing with the jet lag and the culture shock? The reward is education. The reward is life itself. You might decide you like some of those odd delicacies. You might make some new friends. You will no doubt have some stories to tell, and you will definitely learn something. Your reward will be self discovery, growth, and knowledge. It will be the fact that you braved the world and found out it isn’t so scary after all.

Lonely Planet estimates that by the year 2020 1.5 billion people will be on the move each year. That is over a 6th of the world’s population. The world has shrunk to the point of being a single global suburb. For the more adventurous, this can make travel more difficult, in that cultures are blending at a rapid rate. Countries import not only goods and services, but customs and beliefs. Therefore the human race might eventually become just that: a single race. Great for tolerance, but it would be a less interesting world. So before this happens explore, learn, experience. As the late author James Michener once said: “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home”.

Are You A Newbie Going To Pattaya Thailand?

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Are You A Newbie Going To Pattaya Thailand?

You have heard about Thailand for many, many years. And your friends have gone to Pattaya and have told you stories that you just cannot imagine (even though they are true). You have finally bolstered up the courage to travel half-way around the world to see if fantasy can be a reality.

Hopefully you have done your homework. With the availability of the Internet, getting information is readily available. But you have to hunt all over the place to find it.

You have to read the Bangkok Post and the Pattaya City News. You have to hang out in the forums reading and asking questions. You have to take the abuse from the old timers for the stupid newbie questions. You read so many things that you head spins and you are trying to sort out what is true and what is BS.

You have enough to do with getting the plane ticket, passport, packing, and trying to remember everything.

What you need is a Newbie’s Guide. This book written specifically for you: the guy going to Pattaya for the very first time. Even if you have been there before, you will still find some good info and save some money.

You can find out where to go and, more importantly, where not to go. You will get recommendations on bars, go-go’s, restaurants and hotels.

Find out how to get through Suvarnabhumi International Airport and to you waiting taxi with ease. You even get a map of the airport.

You will also get trip reports. These update the basic book with current information and day-by-day experiences of the author.

Think about it. What would you rather do; fight through a mob of people and only to be ripped off by the taxi mafia, or have a driver waiting for you at half the price?

Do you want to waste time going to bars and restaurants that are the pits? Do you know that you can get a hotel room for under per night? Have you decided where in Pattaya you will stay – north, central or south?

Why spend hours, days, or weeks searching all over the Internet when you can get all the information you need in one downloadable eBook.

The eBook will set you back and you will save that much when you book your taxi with the email address I provide in the book.

You will save time and money knowing which bars to frequent and which restaurants to eat at. You will save money booking your hotel online.

So, quit wasting your time surfing the ‘net and pick up the eBook. It will make your Pattaya vacation so much better. Go crazy. Go Pattaya Crazy. Get the newbie’s guie and save time and money. Have a great holiday.

Be warned. Once you go to Pattaya, you will be addicted for life.

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