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You’ve heard of the armchair traveler? Rare is the person who loves travel and can make it a full time occupation. Although there are such lucky individuals, most of us must be satisfied with the yearly vacation. However, you can be a savvy armchair traveler who waits patiently, using the time between now and vacation time to learn all about your chosen destination. When you finally book your ticket, you’ve assembled an in-depth wealth of knowledge that makes your trip much more satisfying and memorable.

Travel websites are treasure chests of cultural insight and practical information – the starting point for your journey. There are millions of travel websites with various perspectives. Some are geared to an audience of travelers who prefer convenient all-inclusive packages, while others focus on particular regions of the world. Still others cater to history buffs or foodies. One thing that can be said of travel websites in general is that there is indeed something for every taste and style of traveler. Your job is to search out those which specialize in the aspects of travel that excite you.

Remember, the informed traveler garners fuller memories, that keep for a lifetime. Make a point of looking into what you can learn about the culture, cuisine, history and language of your destination. There are other practical issues, such as local customs, points of etiquette and transportation that are also worth your investigation. As for sightseeing, look beyond the famous sights – find out about those lesser known but truly fabulous sights the locals frequent. Travel forums and message boards are good resources.

Most travel websites offer free newsletters that show up in your email on a regular basis. Some travel websites are destination-specific, so look for these as well. A typical newsletter keeps you abreast of the latest ticket bargains, travel tips, must-see sights and links to travel resources and freebies you’d probably have trouble digging up on your own. You’ll find feature articles on a variety of topics, such as accounts of unusual adventures of fellow travelers, travel guide reviews and tips on packing to sail smoothly through customs. Travel newsletters provide loads of interesting material to enhance your trip experience.

So get comfy in your armchair, get online and begin your virtual trip. When the big day comes, you’ll be ready to fully enjoy each day, with a knockout itinerary. Armchair travel is a delightful hobby for the real traveler, just waiting for departure!

The World Poker Tour – Texas Hold ’em Excitement In Your Living Room

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The World Poker Tour – Texas Hold ’em Excitement In Your Living Room

The World Poker Tour may be best known for its close up, table level views that show the viewer what each player is hiding in his hole cards. It adds an excitement to viewing poker that’s as close to actually playing with thousand dollar hands as possible. But possibly the true excitement is knowing that you can turn off the television at any moment and enjoy your own poker thrill. Whether you’re anteing with one thousand dollars, or one, you can get juiced up over a few hands of poker yourself.

That’s the beauty of poker and of the WPT. Poker is every man and woman’s game. Anybody can learn to play it, and anyone can learn to master it with a little natural talent, an inkling of smarts, and a lot of practice. In fact, many people playing on the WPC started in their basements or parents’ garage, first learning to take money from their friends and neighbors. They eventually worked their way into the casino circuit, or online these days, and then they found themselves under the bright lights of television.

The World Poker Tour is now part of the whole poker phenomenon that is sweeping the country. It airs every week on the Travel Channel on cable TV. It follows the ups and downs of 14 super high stakes poker tournaments, which are located around the world in some of the most famous gaming spots on the planet. The show even has special features like Ladies’ Night and celebrity contests.

The game of choice for the WPT is no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em. This may be far different than the Texas Hold ‘Em that you play at home or watch at casinos. This style of game heats up the action, since the players can bet as much as they like during any part of a hand. The biggest payoffs, and collapses, happen when a player goes “all in,” wagering his or her bet on one hand. Sounds exciting, right. The World Poker Tour is betting that you’ll think so and tune in.

Globe-Trotting Around The World

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Globe-Trotting Around The World

Despite rising travel costs, global circumnavigation continues to be a lifetime dream for many Americans. In fact, according to a 2004 National Geographic Traveler/Yahoo Travel poll, two out of three people voted a round-the-world (RTW) trip as the “ultimate travel experience.”

RTW travel includes stopping in at least three regions and traveling in one direction without backtracking. From college graduates looking for one last adventure before hitting the workforce to families and retired individuals looking to expand their horizons, RTW travel has broad appeal. All you need is some time off and a strong desire to meet new people, learn about other cultures and discover more about yourself.

Whether you’re currently planning a RTW voyage or are one of the many Americans dreaming of seeing the world some day, below are a few tips for making the journey hassle-free:

• Hit the Web to design your dream route. With so many potential places to visit, deciding where to go can be challenging. Luckily, there is a wealth of resources available online to help. A good place to start is, where you’ll find a good “RTW 101” travel guide. For a more comprehensive search, check out, a leading online RTW resource for independent travelers, offering everything from practical advice and travel deals to inspiration for first-time travelers.

• Travel against the clock and arrive at night to fight jet lag. When traveling around the world, you can go clockwise or counterclockwise. Word from the wise-head counterclockwise. Doing so helps alleviate jet lag by tacking on additional hours to the day, ensuring that you’ll be better rested to enjoy your journey. Additionally, try to schedule flights that arrive after 8 p.m. local time. People tend to be exhausted when they get off a plane, so you’ll be more likely to sleep.

• Make sure your fare is fair. When gauging costs, keep in mind that an average 29,000-mile ticket in economy class should cost approximately .10 per mile. That means an average fare should run anywhere between ,000 and ,000.

• Know what you’re getting. Traveling via airline alliance partners is the most convenient way to book. However, with multiple carriers for each leg of the trip, you never really know what you’re going to get. The good news is that as of October, Air New Zealand will be the only airline to offer RTW service exclusively on its own planes. Not only will the new service provide globe-trotters with RTW travel options at affordable prices, but also ensure they will enjoy consistent quality along the way.

• When packing, less is more. Believe it or not, as a general rule of thumb, the longer the trip, the less you should pack. In fact, many travel guides suggest making a list of everything you need and cutting it in half. Bring the basics, including mix-and-match clothes you can layer, and plan on picking things up along the way as you need them. Packing only the necessities will also save room for souvenirs and purchases you accumulate on the journey.

A More Exciting Way To Learn… World Travel

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A More Exciting Way To Learn… World Travel

The best teacher when it comes to world history is actually being able to visit all these historic places mentioned inside the entire world history book one place at a time, as much as cheap travels permit.

We all had that experience where we had the chance to go somewhere and the memories in that place remains with you forever. Imagine what it could do if you make it as a more thorough research on a country by really going there to learn about its history and culture.

Its always fascinating to go to a country where you get to visit the tribes and really see what they look like, be able to taste the delicacies of the place, have the chance to learn their culture, and hear the history of the place right from the natives mouth.

Learning is a lot more fun when you don’t have to bore yourself inside a classroom with a book in front of you having to read all these and not knowing or understanding what it means. By actually experiencing what its like to be in that place, you will be able to relate to what was being described inside those references, which makes it a lot more interesting to remember them by heart.

You don’t have to force yourself into memorizing the places; you get to remember them because you’ve been there. The best part of it is that since it stays with you, you get to write about it, and you can even relay the information as if you were the book.

Imagine what it would be like if you could go to the most historical countries there is around the world. With the cheap student travel deals given as promos in a lot of airline, ships and train agencies, travelling is not as hard as it used to.

Discounts for student fares are often offered in all transportations. A great way of making good use of this offers is to let them travel. It could be as an educational tour for the whole class, a group of science club students, or exchange students.

Putting a little more fun on the way teachers teach can actually give every student motivation to learn more. Teach them to explore the world around them instead of spending all their free times in malls doing nothing, or in front of the televisions or in their personal computer playing computer games.

With this cheap student travel deals, you can take them or let go into nature trips to any part of the world. This way they will be aware of the possibilities and circumstances their experiences could teach them. Let them start early, and who knows they’ll love it and continue traveling when they’re older.

Cheap student travel deals can easily be researched in Internet including advisable places to visit, family travel deals is also available online and you get to book the flight through your computer at home and be able to manage the schedule and have a copy of the itinerary so you never get out of touch.

Travel now and discover. Experience is the best teacher ever. So, let them explore the world out there. Who knows, maybe when they get back you’ll be surprised with what they’ve gain from the whole expedition.

Harvey World Travel Wins At The Ozcars

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Harvey World Travel Wins At The Ozcars

Harvey World Travel, the Midlands based travel business, scooped a prestigious award at the recent Tourism Australia OzCars 2007 Awards Ceremony. The company was announced as the winner of the ‘Best Australia Campaign by an Aussie Specialist’ which recognised the company’s promotion of Australia Holidays to the UK travel market.

The awards evening was held at the Hurlingham Club in West London and acknowledged the initiatives implemented and dedication shown by the UK’s travel industry and, in particular, the industry’s commitment and support to Australian tourism and holidays in Australia.

John Donnelly, managing director of Harvey World Travel, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have won this award, particularly in light of the tough competition we faced. As Australian specialists, we are committed to promoting the delights of ‘down under’ to the UK market and we have worked extremely hard this year to get positive messages out through consistent and strong marketing campaigns.

“To be honoured with this award is testament to our hard work and commitment and, most importantly, the continual support from the branches and head office teams at Harvey World Travel.”

About Harvey World Travel

The OzCARS are designed to recognise and celebrate excellence and achievement in the sales and marketing of Australia and are open to any company from the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Harvey World Travel is owned by MFS, the Australian investment and funds company which specialises in travel and leisure. Australian based companies in the MFS portfolio include the Stella, Bale and Peppers holiday resorts, the Mantra, Breakfree and Ambia villas and apartments, plus the flagship Sheraton Mirage Hotel in Port Douglas, Queensland.

MFS is the largest single brand travel franchise group in the Southern Hemisphere operating more than 500 successful retail outlets in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. As well as specialising in long haul holidays to these destinations, Harvey World Travel customers are able to benefit from flexible holiday packages throughout the world, using the company’s extensive buying networks.

For further information of holiday details call 08717 820 830

Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game: A Great Game That You and Your Friends Will Surely Love

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Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game: A Great Game That You and Your Friends Will Surely Love

Have you ever wanted to become a rock legend? Did you and your friends ever dream of performing a rock concert in fronts of thousands of people? If you have, then you should play Guitar Hero World Tour. This is the latest series of Guitar Hero and it really took the world by storm.

Instead of just guitars, Guitar Hero World Tour enables you to form a band complete with drummers, bassist, guitarist and even a singer. In this game, you and your band will work your way up to become legends of rock.

In fact, Guitar Hero World Tour is simple one of the most addictive and hottest selling video games of the year. And, it’s not just a fad but it really has become almost a way of life. In fact, some people are so serious about this game that they formed a band and are currently competing to be the best there is online with other Guitar Hero World Tour bands.

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know how to play the guitar or drums, the game will have guides that will be able to show you what buttons to push and when to push it.

Guitar Hero World Tour is so hot today that parties are even thrown with this video game. You and your friends can really become the life of the party and compete against each other. The best thing about this game is that it is available in the three hottest video game consoles available in the market today. Whether you have Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3, you will be able to play Guitar Hero World Tour.

Another great thing about Guitar Hero World Tour is that not only that you will be able to play some of the hottest rock music on earth today, but you will also be able to go head to head with other players in the Battle mode. In this feature, you and your friend will rock off and do really sick solos that will rival those of the greatest guitar legends on earth.

In this game, you will be able to personalize your own rock star. This serves as your very own personal avatar and you can make them look anything you want. You can also add accessories, such as tattoos, piercings and dress them up on tight leather pants and really make them look like a real rock legend.

You will also be able to unlock rock legends, such as Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Corgan, Ted Nugent, Sting, and even Travis Barker in the game and jam with them or face off in the Battle Mode. You can also download additional tracks from Metallica, Blind Melon, Rick Springfield, and a lot more.

Guitar Hero World Tour is a fun game to play. With this video game, you can be sure that you will spend hours upon hours of rocking off with your friends online or in your own home. And, it would be a lot more fun if you have all the gadgets, such as the guitar, drum set, and microphone.

So, if you are looking for a great music game that you can play solo or jam with your friends, you should definitely get Guitar Hero World Tour. This game is fun, exciting, and it will really unleash the guitar hero in you.

Texas Holdem – The Famous World Poker Tour

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Texas Holdem – The Famous World Poker Tour

The World Poker tour draws attention from people in all hemispheres. It is a series of international poker tournaments that pit the world’s best poker players against each other for a large sum of money. The World Poker Tour was started by an attorney and television producer named Stephen Lipscomb, who now controls WPT Enterprises, the firm that runs the World Poker Tour.

The World Poker Tour is televised and had its debut season in 2002 and 2003. It finished with the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It aired on the Travel Channel in the spring of 2003. The show then debuted on NBC against CBS coverage of the Super Bowl.

The television show has increased the number of home table games around the world, and particularly in western countries, like Canada and the United States. It also contributes to the popularity of other poker-inspired television shows, casino poker room and Online gaming. In fact, the major sponsors of the World Poker Tour are Online gaming sites.

In the World Poker Tour tournaments, each player is given a certain number of chips for a pre-determined amount of money called a buy-in. The poker game continues from there until one player has collected all of the chips. The winner captures around 30 to 35 per cent of the total prize pool. The winner can receive in excess of one million dollars. Even though other players don’t leave the table with any chips, some leave with a portion of the prize pool. For instance, the person who leaves the game in second position usually gets about 20 per cent of the prize pool.

Many people speculate that the reason people are so interested in the World Poker Tour is because of democratic accessibility of the game. Anyone who can afford the initial buy-in, an amount ranging from ,000 to ,000 can enter a World Poker Tour tournament. And, if a person can’t afford to pay to enter the tournament, he or she can win a satellite ticket to compete against the top professional players.

Televised poker is gaining popularity now like it never did in the past because of advances in technology. When poker was first televised, viewers could never see the players’ hands. Now, people can see the players’ hole cards through a small camera in front of them on the poker table. This insider information allows people feel as though they are directly involved in the televised poker games.

Watching the games gets people excited about Texas Hold’em. They want to win money like the pros and they want to win money like the regular, everyday people who have played against the pros and won. This excitement has translated into hundreds of millions of dollars in poker accessory sales in Canada and the United States, as well as the demand for Internet poker from people around the world. Poker is a game that is only going to get more exciting as time goes on.

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