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The Globetrotter’s Guide to Travel Insurance: Travel Smarter, Pay Less, Get the Right Coverge (The Savvy Traveler Series Book 1)

Having travel medical insurance is critical when travelling outside of your country, state, or province. The potential financial risk can be hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single hospitalization. Even a minor injury or illness has the potential to jeopardize your personal finances. 

The true value of insurance is delivered sometime in the future (if at all), meaning that you have no recourse if you bought the wrong product. This is why purchasing travel insurance can be complicated; you cannot just return it if it’s not a good fit.

This book is to inform, educate and empower globetrotters and long-term travelers–or their families–about travel insurance. The authors are full time travelers with prior insurance industry experience. They are consumers of insurance products, conducted extensive research on the topic and have firsthand experience with the claims process. 

This book provides a systematic approach for any Globetrotter to select, purchase, and manage the best travel insurance coverage for their needs.

Here is just a portion of what you will discover:

• How to master the insurance game by knowing the rules before you play

• A step-by-step process for determining your specific insurance needs and the best options available

• How to create a realistic coverage plan ensuring adequate protection

• How to avoid unnecessary coverage saving you time and money 

• A simple strategy to lower your travel insurance costs

• The truth about credit card travel insurance coverage

• How to avoid buyer’s remorse

• A proven blueprint to manage your policy while travelling

• An insurance claim strategy that works in the real world

Plus much more


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Travel: Fly For Free: Practical Tips You Need to Know About Getting Cheaper Flights and Travel The World Like The Rich and Famous

Are you in the process of planning a vacation or business trip but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for airplane tickets?

Do you want to know the best time of day to book a flight? Have no fear, “Fly for Free” is here!

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After reading “Fly for Free: Practical Tips you Need to Know about Getting Cheaper Flights and Traveling the World like the Rich and Famous” you’ll no longer be frustrated by the excessive fees and hidden charges that airlines like to sneak into your bill. One read of this book will make you a savvy and smart airline ticket shopper as you’ll now know the ins-and-outs of the process in order to get the most bang for your hard earned buck. What’s more, you’ll have all the evidence left over in your wallet to brag about (ca-ching)! The price for an average airline ticket can exceed an upwards of 0, and by reading this book you can cut that cost in half! That means more money to spend on your trip and more fun to be had traveling! If further convincing is necessary, please refer to the “what you will learn section” below to view a concise, detailed summary of the topics and points discussed throughout this book.

What you will learn:

• The best time of day to book a flight

• Names of various cheap and reputable airfare websites to buy tickets through

• various savings and


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If Something Should Happen: A Travel Insurance Disaster

Nothing could have prepared Paula for what happened on her Himalayan adventure. As an inconceivable chain of events escalated in severity, the travel insurance company that was paid to save her nearly caused her death. Caught between the insurance company and the Chinese government, Paula became a hostage in a Tibetan hospital. Follow Paula’s footsteps from San Francisco to the Himalayas and back as she transforms from a luxury traveler to an insignificant number on an insurance policy. It was an unexpected and unassuming support team that came to her rescue.

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Price: $ 8.61

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Medical Insurance in Thailand: Medical Insurance Guide: Affordable Health Care in Thailand (Thailand Retirement Book 3)

A complete illustrated guide to medical insurance in Thailand for expatriates.

With 7 insurance strategies, from self-insurance to full coverage, with rates and exclusions.

Well illustrated with charts, comparative prices, and live links to insurers.

Full coverage of Thai hospitals and their hierarchy, standards of care, and certifications.

Stories by and about people who have used, refused to use, and failed to use medical insurance in Thailand.

The 37-page report was compiled with Thailand residents, insurers, doctors, and hospitals.


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17 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Travel Insurance

Do you really think that you’d do well without any type of travel insurance at all? Well, for some individuals, travel insurance is just another extra or additional expense. But if you’re a wise person, you will find travel insurance necessary especially if you’re traveling with your family. So you definitely need to get family travel insurance. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.


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Cheap Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance Plans, Best Travel Insurance and More

When you’re traveling, you want to be sure you’re insured the best possible way you can be. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, and being insured ensures that in the case that something goes wrong, you’re not bogged in debt or have outrageous bills to keep track of. This ebook will give you the different varieties of insurance, where you can get it done, and insurance specified for certain countries.



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